Following is a great LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX LIST of foods

This will help you to identify which foods you should include in your diet on a regular basis to assist in sensible weight control. This is not only great for your health but will help give you more stable energy levels throughout the day.

Burning fat is almost impossible with elevated blood sugar levels, but by controlling your good carbs bad carbs intake using low glycemic index list foods, you create an environment for consistent energy combined with maximum fat burning effects.

As a fat burning solution Low GI foods are excellent, which is why the majority of your carbohydrate sources should be from low GI foods, so these 20 should be very useful:

1. Grapefruit
Grapefruit is great as a breakfast food and contain good levels of fibre and micro-nutrients. Some grapefruits have a GI index as low as 20 making them about as good as it gets.
Grapefruit has been used as a great fat burning tool for decades and is a popular low glycemic index list fruit.

2. Cherries
Cherries are one of the most delicious treats in the world and the good news is that they are low glycemic index list gold. Cherries are as versatile as they are tasty and some varieties have a GI of less than 20.

3. Soy beans
A great source of non-animal protein, fibre and phytoestrogens. Probably the single most consumed vegetarian food due to its versatile use in a multitude of soy based alternative products. Soybeans are renowned for their versatility and economical pricing and can have a GI index as low as 16.

4. Lentils
Lentils are a staple on the sub-continent for a valid reason – they are cheap, taste great and are high in both protein and fibre. Lentils are possibly the best low GI food in the world although some soybean lovers may contest this. Lentils are possibly the best vegetable based source of iron, folate, soluble fibre and B1 which means they are a bonafide superfood. Lentils have a GI as low as 16.

5. Apples
Apples are the low GI food you can carry anywhere and eat anytime. Apples can have a GI as low as 28 and can be used in many dessert and savoury dishes. One of the most popular low glycemic index list fruits.

6. Plums
Beautiful, tasty and tempting plums are a low GI treat that offer convenient, sweet and nutritious choices in one of the worlds best fruits. Plums can have a GI as low as 24 and have many varieties to choose from.

7. Red Kidney Beans
Having a GI under 22 and packed with fibre, red kidney beans are a fantastic food to include in your diet. Chilli con carne, three bean salad and bean burritos are just some of the healthy and tasty popular dishes using these important low GI foods.

8. Barley
For soups and cereals barley is a great addition for those who want to make low GI a cornerstone of their diet. Barley can have a GI as low as 22.

9. Oats
Oatmeal, rolled oats, porridge – It doesn’t matter what you call them or whether you cook them or eat them raw, oats are a wonderful low GI food that you can easily eat on a regular basis. Oats can have a GI as low as 36.

10. Peaches
Another delectable stone fruit that packs a low GI tasty one-two punch. Peaches are a gorgeous alternative to candy and have a GI index as low as 28.

11. Strawberries
These ever present berries are a perfect side snack for those with a sweet craving or for those who want a low density carbohydrate source. Both sweet and nutritious, strawberries have a GI rating as low as 40.

All of the berries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries etc are all high in antioxidants as well as giving value for money in the low GI rating. So if you’re after a sweet treat, grab a handful of berries to snack on. Yum Yum!

12. Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans
The chickpea is the major ingredient in the widely used hummus and is not only high-fibre tasty and textural, but also offers a low GI alternative to more fattening and sweet condiments. Chickpeas have a GI as low as 26.

13. Sweet Potato/Kumara
Sweet potatoes, as opposed to white potatoes, have a much better effect on blood sugars and are more nutritious and versatile. Sweet potatoes can rank as low as GI 40.

14. The Orange
The humble orange is one of the most consumed fruits in the world. Whether as an ingredient or as a simple snack, oranges have a lot to offer in both taste and nutrition. Oranges can have a GI as low as 40. Just remember though, the whole fruit needs to be consumed, not just orange juice which is a much higher GI.

15. Multi-Grain/Sprouted Grain/Mixed Grain Bread – Low Glycemic Bread
To be clear – white bread, wheat bread, wholemeal bread, brown bread or any breads that do not say Multi Grain, sprouted grain or mixed grain, are just not in the same category.

The grains slowly digest and control blood sugar keeping the GI value below 42. Soy, linseed and sourdough breads are the best of the low GI breads both having a GI value as low as 36. Some specialty breads may offer a low GI depending on your Town/City/State/Country.

One rule of thumb is always check your label! If it’s low GI, then it will state it on the label.

16. Pears
Another useful fruit is the good old pear. Pears are naturally high in fibre and are yet another low GI fruit rating as low as 34.

17. Low Fat Yogurt
Low fat yogurt is a food that can be mixed with fruits to form a healthy ambrosial delight. It can be frozen or added to smoothies or a stand alone snack. Low fat yogurt can rank as low as GI 16.

Make sure you check the label! If it’s low GI, then it will state it on the label.

18. Black Eyed Peas/Beans
Which ever you call them the fact remains these little gems are a very useful food in the battle for even blood sugar. Black eyed peas can have a GI as low as 32.

19. Celery
An unbelievable member of low calorie, low glycemic index list vegetables, celery will give you fibre and taste without adding any kilojoules to your energy consumption. Celery has a GI as low as 15.

20. Capsicum/Bell Peppers
These add full flavour, texture and almost not a single calorie. Capsicum/Bell Peppers also have a GI as low as 15.

Low Glycemic Load

The more food you eat, the higher the glycemic load. In fact excess consumption of a single low GI food can have a worse effect on blood sugar then a moderate amount of high GI foods.

The trick is that your overall GI intake at a single meal should be no more than 50. So if you happen to sneak in something that is not a low GI food, you need to make sure that your low GI foods (at the same meal) counteract the slip and bring the overall level to back down to no more than 50.

The key is not to overeat, but to find that point of satiety where you feel full, without being a garbage disposal unit.

    Other low glycemic index list foods that you can eat a lot of include:
    Artichoke <15
    Asparagus <15
    Avocado < 15
    Broccoli <15
    Cabbage <10
    Cauliflower <15
    Cucumber <15
    Eggplant <15
    Green beans <15
    Lettuce, all varieties <15
    Onions <10
    Peanuts <15
    Snow peas <15
    Spinach <15
    Young summer squash <15
    Zucchini <15
    Tomatoes <15
    Peas, dried <22

These wonderful low glycemic index list vegetables are all super low on the GI scale.

In Conclusion

Eating low glycemic index list foods as a main source of carbohydrate is not only a way of keeping ‘even’ blood sugar levels that keep energy constant, but is also a way to ensure that a constant intake of vitamins, minerals and fibre are present it your diet.

The fat burning, weight loss and general good health benefits of Low GI foods make them a positive solution in the war on obesity.

Aim to make low glycemic index list foods 80% of the carbs that you consume.

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